It happened!

I've always wondered what the hype was about Lip Fillers... and I've also heard so many horror stories about getting them. I always had an insecurity about my lips, especially when I would smile. I was extremely nervous, but that quickly went away after doing a ton of research and finding the perfect doctor. I can't stress enough by saying if you ever consider getting any cosmetic surgery, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Make sure the doctor is certified, read reviews, and never be afraid to ask questions, or for them to show you their past work.

I was lucky to come across Dr. Lara Devgan on Instagram where she showcases her patients procedures and results. I instantly felt safe, and after meeting her I was sold. She focuses on enhancing a patients natural beauty, not changing it. 

You guys asked if it hurt, so let me fill you in on my experience. Firstly, they took professional photos for my file of my facial profile that would be used later on to showcase my Before & After. They numbed my lips, and set up their own Ring Light so I can record the process! Pretty cool how up to date her office is with Social Media. The injections themselves were very quick and you feel slim-to-none discomfort. Bleeding and bruises varies per patient, luckily I bruised very minimally (Photo below). They final results don't show until about 2 days after once the swelling goes down, so never panic if you think they look too big at first.

I guess you guys can judge for yourselves! See the final results below: