"BEHIND THE BLINDS is a Brussels based team offering a peek into the fascinating world of all things visual, fueled by frequent encounters with an international collective of creative minds. Grown out of Michael Marson’s personal interest in fashion and the visual arts, invited collaborators now include both established and emerging designers, writers, and creatives alike."

My first interaction with the founder Michael was while I was in Amsterdam. Being a European magazine, he reached out regarding an interview piece on me called, "FASHION my X". To this day it's still one of my favorite interviews and photoshoots. I was shot by Dutch photographer and legend in my eyes, FERRY VAN DER NAT. (You can see our full shoot by clicking HERE).

Anyways, from that I've become a contributor to the magazine as a journalist, interviewing some pretty cool creative people. One being Matt Lambert, for issue 1 of BEHIND THE BLINDS. Keep in mind I've never actually written for a magazine, let alone, knew the amount of work it took to do so. I like challenges, so Michael didn't hesitate to give me one. 

Check out my interview with Matt Lambert (below) and make sure you keep a look out for issue 3 of BEHIND THE BLINDS for some more exciting collaborations ;).

©All photos by Matt Lambert courtesy of BEHIND THE BLINDS.